Things Women Really Love from their Men

Relationships are a series of good times and bad. So what do women want in a relationship? The key to a great relationship is in making the good times exceptional and frequent, and by doing this, make the bad times increasingly rare and briefer every time. This helps to maintain a little bit of brightness when the sad times arrive.

Small Tokens of Affection

No, you don’t have to break the break. We’re not talking about tokens along the lines of Ertha Kitt’s infamous Christmas list.

The big gifts in life might light a fire in the eyes of the woman you love. But, it’s the little things that melt her heart and bind her to you in ways no sable coats ever will, so make an effort and put some thought into it.

Cuddle Time

Women like to cuddle and be close. Not as a form of foreplay, but simply as a sign of affection and security. Holding hands, cuddling on the couch, and laying with her feet (or head) in your lap are perfect.

They are all signs of casual intimacy and love that MATTER to her in a really big way. It’s a small gesture on your part that carries massive weight and will help you secure a place in her heart.

Hearing those Three Magic Words

You know what they are. You’ve probably said them to her dozens of times. You’ve probably said them to her even more. The thing is, she NEEDS to hear them for the reassurance they bring.

Those words mean the world to her because they reinforce her position in YOUR world. Tell her “I love you!” and watch how her face just lights up at the reminder.

Your Approval

The other thing your woman needs from you more than you’ll ever know or understand is your approval. Give it to her.

Tell her she looks great tonight. Even if she “dismisses” it with something along the lines of a questioning “This old thing,” she is secretly tickled and extremely pleased to hear it. Especially as “This old thing” probably took 20 minutes and 6 different combinations to get right. The key is, everyone likes to be complimented, so don’t hold back.

She works hard to look good for you, prepare good food for you to eat, and keep your house in great shape. Acknowledge her efforts and you’ll be rewarded with a very happy girlfriend, wife, or partner on your hands.

Being Asked on a Date

When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and asked her out on a date? Not asking her, “Do you wanna go do something?” But, asking her on an actual date. A date you’ve planned out ahead of time?

Have you ever done this? Don’t skimp on these things, as women appreciate and remember these gestures.

If not, now is the time. It will rock her world and melt her heart even more. Try it! You’re going to love the results!